What happened to the Web Audio API article…?

Or, where did your old blog go?

I blew away my old WordPress site a few days back, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, blog posts and tutorials take me far too long to write, and WordPress seems to be tailored towards creating long form content.  I’d post one long article every few months, and neglect to talk about anything interesting happening day-to-day.

Secondly, I already have a blog dedicated to HTML5 and web tech – I wanted a clean slate to talk about my venture into the world of Unity 3D and C#.  (I won’t be mentioning the abomination that is UnityScript.  Except just now.  To mention that I won’t be mentioning it.  Because it’s awful.  Just. Awful.)

So, to answer a question that you undoubtedly didn’t ask in the first place: I’ve moved all of my articles on HTML5 games over to my freelance blog.  Along with the actual games, of course.

And you are? (say it like a Forsaken trade vendor)

Hi, my name is Nikki.  I’m a freelance front-end developer by day, and a game developer at night. I’ve been making HTML5 games for a few years now, and I really enjoy it – most of the time. I love web tech to bits, but there’s a constant nagging feeling that I’m using the wrong tool for the job.

So I’ve decided to learn Unity 3D.

I anticipate many #facepalms and #headdesks, which I shall be documenting here for your amusement.  Wish me luck!